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Classes Offered

2 online classes in intro, general and organic and biochemistry with or without lab are offered at USD (lab classes are listed separately at USD) online chemistry courses with incorporated labs are offered at WSU in general, organic, and biochemistry
Chem 106 (3 Cr)
Chem 106 Lab (1 Cr)
Chem 107 (3 Cr)
Chem 107Lab (1 Cr)
Chem 1050 (5 Cr, lab included)
Chem 1110 (5 Cr, lab included)
Chem 1120 (5 Cr, lab included)

Brief Descriptions:

Chem 1050 and 1110 and 106 are beginning courses with no previous chemistry courses required.  Only very basic mathematical skills will be used.

The courses (1050 and 1110) do not have to be taken in sequence.  For example, 1050 does not have to be taken before 1110.  Each of these two courses is a starting point and assumes no previous chemistry background.

Chem 1120/Chem 107: Organic and Biochemistry.  These courses would be taken after General or Introductory Chemistry.

Frequently classes fill up.  If this happens, you may want to keep watching for slots to open.  It is common for slots to open up as students rearrange their class schedules during the first week of class.