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Which Class Do I Take?

Take the course you need!  Does your program require one or two semesters of chemistry?  Is a laboratory required?  It's always a good idea to check with your advisor to ensure the credits will be acceptable.  Also check to make sure the program you're in will accept transfer credit from Weber State University or USD.  Almost all educational institutions will accept credits from WSU and USD, but it's best to inquire ahead of time.  Here's a brief outline that will help you decide which course to take.

How many semesters of chemistry to do you need?
One Two
Do you need a lab? Do you need a lab?
Yes No Yes No
Chem 1050 (5 Cr)
Chem 1110 (5 Cr)
Chem 106 (3 Cr) Chem 1110 & Chem 1120
Chem 106/106L & Chem 107/107L
Chem 106 (3 Cr) &
Chem 107 (3 Cr)